Totum Sport Benefits


Replenish your Electrolytes with Totum Sport!

Totum Sport provides your body with 78 Electrolytes and trace elements – giving you the best preparation to face your challenges. When you demand maximum performance, Totum Sport will keep you stronger for longer – making the difference between winning, losing and achieving your personal best.

Rapidly replace the minerals and trace elements that you lose through sweating during intense exercise and training. Totum Sport is the best way to prepare your body before and during any sport. It’s completely natural, with no additives, preservatives, added sugars or colours.

Benefits of Totum Sport

Strength and Injuries
Immune system and Recovery
Focus and Concentration
Stamina and Endurance
  • “Totum Sport I love you! Half Marathon PB smashed by 13 minutes!” – Jules P

  • “Definitely think I put Totum to the test and I think it helped towards the latter stages.” – Michael B

  • “Longer hilly run for the week feel great I had so much energy not at all like me” – Graeme B

  • “Saltwell parkrun with my running mates this morning. Not one of my favourite parkruns, lots of hills!! but Totum give me a boost” – Anita M

  • “Fantastic run felt great thanks Totum Sport” – Greame B

  • “Definitely not drinking as much as I used to when running or working out and feel great!” – Richard C

  • “It would seem Totum did it for me this morning [new PB at parkrun]” – Anita M

  • “Gym session on Saturday, 6.4 mile run yesterday and gym session this morning!!!! My body wouldn’t usually cope with that. #TotumSport” – Andy Y

  • “Finding more energy after half hour with Totum, used to flag before!” – Iain W

  • “I find that Totum Sport allows me to push harder while I’m training, which in turn is making my pace faster.” – Rachel G

  • “PT tonight and a new discovery; there is something worse than burpees – battleropes! Must admit, endurance and recovery is certainly improving. #totumsport I salute you!” – Lynda C

  • “Did 5 mile run tonight and was faster than usual into a head wind, so thanks Totum!” – Jules B

  • “That felt awesome. Whether it is my increase in training, the fact the Christmas chocolate
    has gone, the fact I”m well rested after last week, Totum Sport or all of the above, I’ve never averaged that pace for this session before”
     – Rachel G

  • “Would not normally contemplate running the day after a hard race – but went for an hour round Penshaw this evening. Surprised to find legs had recovered well, and run much easier than I had expected. Totum Sport working its magic again” – Tim F

  • “I’m not a serious runner, I started running 3 yrs ago to lose weight from drinking too much and I continue running now just for fun. I rarely look at my watch when running or worry about my pace. Both my pace and distance depend purely on how I feels when I set off. I normally don’t find out my pace till I stop. Is it Totum’s magic powers? A placebo effect in my head? I don’t know,but I haven’t ran at this pace since 8th September.” – Neale B

  • “Felt the benefits of being hydrated well for 5k this morning” – Sparrow M

  • “Third week of training with @TotumSportUK complete. Fastest run commute, New 5k PB. Coincidence?” – Paul A

  • “Certainly feeling the energy and recovery effects of using Totum – Stephen Morrison

  • “I don’t know about anyone else as was a bit of a cynic but Totum does seem to help. More energy in latter half of runs and more focused to push harder! Also recovery seems a lot better and I’m not aching as much the next day like I used too! And thats on top of me training for my 1st marathon so am training more and longer.”  – Iain W

  • “”Totum Sport has certainly provided a boost to my training as I have felt stronger during runs and it has also aided recovery.”  – Keith L

  • “I find that Totum Sport allows me to push harder while I’m training, which in turn is making my pace faster.” – Rachel G

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